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Seeking Kart Banner Sponsorships


3 Great Ways to Advertise Your Business


1 Track Side Banner


Put your business name around the racetrack.


Cost:   Our low prices vary depending on the location of the banner.  What a great way to spark business interest!


Contact us for additional information


Join the NASCAR replicas with your own sponsored racecar


2 Junior KARTS


Choose your color and number.  Design your logo to cover the hood of the car and place our company's name on the rear quarter panels.


Cost:  Monthly or yearly prices.  Our yearly price includes trackside banner advertisement.


Contact us for additional information


3 Competition KARTS


Choose your color and number.  Put your business name on  a kart like the NASCAR sponsors do. 


32 karts in all - first come, first served.  Take a chance to win a free banner advertisement.


Cost:  Monthly or yearly prices (6-month minimum)


Contact us for additional information


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  Slick Kart



Place your ad directly on one of our Slick Karts



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