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Seeking Kart Banner Sponsorships


3 Great Ways to Advertise Your Business


1 Track Side Banner


Put your business name around the racetrack.


Cost:   Our low prices vary depending on the location of the banner.  What a great way to spark business interest!


Contact us for additional information


Join the NASCAR replicas with your own sponsored racecar




Choose your color and number.  Design your logo to cover the hood of the car and place our company's name on the rear quarter panels.


Cost:  Monthly or yearly prices.  Our yearly price includes trackside banner advertisement.


Contact us for additional information


3 Competition NASKARTS


Choose your color and number.  Put your business name on  a kart like the NASCAR sponsors do. 


32 karts in all - first come, first served.  Take a chance to win a free banner advertisement.


Cost:  Monthly or yearly prices (6-month minimum)


Contact us for additional information


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Place your ad directly on one of our Slick Karts



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